Friday, May 8, 2015


Marley at McGraw Square
What brand and type of bicycle do you have?
This is a Trek 850. I found it on Craigslist for super cheap when I was looking for a non-road bike that I could ride on some dirt/gravel for a race. It's turned out to be the perfect commuting bike- an old steel frame with room for wide tires, a rack, room for fenders (even though I don't have them on right now), and it puts up with lots of abuse from me. I also have a Liv Avail road bike that I take on longer road rides.

Why do you ride? 
So many reasons. Primarily for fun. Riding bikes is a social activity for me- I've made so many friends through bicycling it's crazy. It's also cheaper, greener, and healthier. Plus, it's just a much cooler way to experience your environment and be part of your community while on a bicycle.

Where do you ride? 
Everywhere. I just got back from a bike camping trip to the Olympic National Forest. I would love to one day ride the Pacific Coast Highway. I don't think there's anywhere you can't go on a bicycle, it just might take you a little bit longer.

What's the best thing that happened to you while riding? 
This is so hard to answer. Over the last two years of riding after selling my car, I've lost 50 pounds and totally transformed my lifestyle. So in that sense, probably that lifestyle change. But daily, I love finding my friends throughout the city on rides and meeting up with them, and just going on random adventures!

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