Saturday, December 6, 2014


Paul at Greenwood Avenue North and North 81st Street
What brand and type of bicycle do you have?
Brand/Model, let's see here, I have several bikes and even a trike, the model would be mine, since when people ask "what kind of bike is that?" I reply "mine". Nobody makes bikes like mine.  You took my pic when I was riding the Black Death bike, which was inspired to be the antithesis of a 'ghost bike'.    
I bought all the parts, built it myself and there is very little that can match up to it. You will never see a bike like it in a store, mainly because it's design is to be simple that nothing can go wrong.  Track frame (Leader 725), front rim is a Teny aluminum rim (carbon fiber can delaminate=bad), the rear rim (deep V) is a two speed auto-shift hub w/coaster brake, fast, and faster. 
I also ride a commuter cargo bike, again, built by me, wheels assembled by me (see footnote on hand built rims below). It was inspired by binge-watching Son's of Anarchy season 5, and I needed a better bike to drag stuff home like groceries, or furniture, or wood to fix that furniture.  It's as close to the F8 cargo bike as I could make with the available parts in America. The F8 has good physics for carrying stuff, not much reliability on the business plan.

Why do you ride? 
I gave up on cars almost 18 years ago because they are designed to be unreliable, and sadly that's also why I build my own bikes; because what is sold in bike stores is also designed to be unreliable.

Where do you ride? 
Just about everywhere, just depends on what I'm doing. When on the black bike I want to go fast, when on the cargo bike I have something to drag home.

What's the best thing that happened to you while riding? 
Well, right after you took my pic I was stopped at the red light at 73rd, and a spandex-toe-clipper came up to the side of me. The light then turned green, I pushed off and so did the toe-clipper, only I went forward, he was stuck. From a glance at his locked-up derailer I think he down-shifted and forgot to rotate the petals as he slowed down.
So the best thing while riding a bike is knowing that the parts I put together are the best thing on the road. If you buy from a bike store without knowing what mediocre product you are getting, well then, that's the results you are going to get. 

For more pics of my bikes you can go here

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