Monday, August 18, 2014


Bobbi at Fifth Avenue South and South King Street
What brand and type of bicycle do you have?
I ride a Cannondale Synaps 6 - women's specific bicycle. To cycle to the grocery store and tool about when I have errands to run, I have a Cannondale Hybrid, but 98% of my riding is on my road bike.

Why do you ride? 
Why do I ride - not sure that can be answered in one sentence, but I will try to keep it simple:
I ride for fun, fitness, to be outside, to see places that I could otherwise not get to or view from such a vantage point, it feels amazing as I set my own goals, reach them, perhaps walk away discouraged sometimes, but knowing that there is always another ride in my near future. I ride to keep my head clear of the little things that bog me down because on a bicycle it's just me, my bike and the road that matter. Sometimes the destination is important, mostly it's the getting there that I care most about.

Where do you ride? 
I live in NJ, so most of my riding is done there. I often cycle in Pennsyvania and New York State. I come out to Seattle every summer for a few weeks to ride here as well. In New Jersey, my favorite place to ride is an area called The Sourlands, located mostly in Hopewell, NJ. It has the most hills locally that I can get to quickly to satisfy my urge to challenge myself. Bike traffic is minimal there as it attracts people who like to climb. I feel like I am part of a community when I am in those hills.

What's the best thing that happened to you while riding? 
I doubt there is one best thing that I can think of that has happened to me while riding my bicycle - so here's a few: The friendships that I have formed over the years that have moved from simply getting together to cycle into doing things together other than just cycling. The general all around level of fitness that I have accomplished from riding so much (once the actual season starts, I am on my bicycle 5-6 times per week from anywhere between 17 and 60 miles per ride with a few 100 mile events fitted in). Okay - the best thing... happiness.

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