Thursday, July 31, 2014


Brie at the African American Museum
What brand and type of bicycle do you have?
I ride a Giant Dash. I loved my Marin Sausalito for 14 years, but discovered that newer bikes are much lighter and am quite happy with my newer one. Of course, the first thing I did was add a kickstand, which made it significantly heavier but makes my life so much easier!

Why do you ride? 
After walking, my bicycle is my primary mode of transportation. I ride to appointments, meetings, social engagements, errands, etc. But I also enjoy longer rides (I've ridden Cycle the Wave, Tour de Cure, STP, RSVP, the now-defunct Seattle Century, Flying Wheels, etc.) and I ride long distances with friends to train for those events or sometimes just because it's a great way to enjoy the day.

Where do you ride? 
I live in the Central Area, and I ride in my neighborhood and throughout Seattle and King County, and sometimes beyond. Last weekend, I rode in Portland, which is always great.

What's the best thing that happened to you while riding? 
I don't know that it's the best thing that's ever happened while I was riding a bicycle, but it was pretty fantastic the day I approached the four-way stop at 19th & Aloha and realized that there were bicyclists -- and only bicyclists -- waiting on all four sides. It always makes me happy to see more people getting around by bike.

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