Sunday, May 11, 2014


Letha at Seward Park
What brand and type of bicycles do you have?
I ride a Specialized Vita Elite. This bike is very special to me. Last summer, a very dear bike (my first 'real' adult bike, that I had *just* purchased a few months before) was stolen. Knowing that I couldn't afford to replace it, 30 of my friends and colleagues passed a (paypal) hat. I bought the Vita Elite with the funds they raised and named it KC (and the sunshine band) in honor of my pals who now ride with me, in spirit, everyday.

Why do you ride?
First and foremost I ride my bike to get from all my point A's to my point B's. (I don't own a car.) I ride my bike because if I don't, I feel very, very weird; as if the world has gone a bit tilted and wonky... I ride to keep things balanced. I ride my bike because more than anything else in my life it makes me feel strong and joyful and alive and powerful. I ride my bike because it's a habit. I ride my bike because this year I'm doing a 365 challenge; riding every single day in 2014.

Where do you ride?
Everywhere. To friends, to dinner, to read in a the coffee shop, to the grocery store...but mostly from home in Ballard to work in Northgate. Weekends --- when the weather gets warmer --- I choose one day to ride the Burke-Gilman or the Interurban or the Elliot Bay trails.

What's the best thing that happened to you while riding?
The best thing that's happened to me while riding my bike is not a single experience I can point to. It's more of a daily re-occurrence that adds up to being very meaningful overall. Engaging with all 5 of my senses (especially smell) and really feeling like I'm *in* my body and present to the world around me on a daily basis via riding is a enormous gift. 

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