Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Jon at Olympic Sculpture Park
What brand and type of bicycle do you have?
I am with my 2013 Surly Disc Trucker named Samson.

Why do you ride?
There are a couple of reasons why I ride my bike. First, I have been eliminating stress factors in my life and driving the car in traffic was one of them. Then there is the exercise and the fresh air and the freedom. I get to see stuff that I normally don't see when locked up in a car.

Where do you ride?
I commute daily to and from work from Sand Point to Pioneer Square. I pretty much live on the Burke Gilman Trail. Every year I do a four-day tour around the San Juan Islands. On weekends, I love to do the Lake Washington Loop or a pub crawl from Red Hook Brewery to Ballard.

What's the best thing that happened to you while riding?
The best that happens to me are seeing all the smiles I see on the trail.

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